Friday, October 3, 2008

"H" Favorites

  • Haircuts: I love getting a hair cut! You’re hair feels so healthy & light afterwards… such a good feeling! Plus you hair ALWAYS looks better when someone else styles it! I’m tempted to cut my hair off… we’ll see!
  • Holidays: Who doesn’t love a holiday? You get a day off of work/school… you get to decorate and have fun! LOVE IT! Christmas is my favorite. What’s yours? Now, I do have to admit that there is one holiday I’m not a big fan of….. Halloween. It’s not that I don’t like the holiday- it’s just that it honestly freaks me out. There’s too many wackos (or in the words of Seude from Project Runway- “Wackadoodles”) out there these days. Quite frankly, I don’t like the idea of them being able to knock on my door at nighttime wearing a mask! Jeepers! Freaks me out! Seriously, everyone makes fun of me for hating the holiday. But, haven’t you noticed how its not just little kids trick-or-treating anymore? There seems to be a growing number of Creepo adults that get dressed up wearing Scream masks (or something similar). Just when you think you’re going to be greeted with a high pitched “trick-or-treat” from cute little kids dressed up as princesses/knights… charachters from their favorite cartoon… farm animals… or well whatever- instead you find some middle-aged adults in horror film masks/costumes. Don’t get me wrong- I love the idea of trick-or-treating for the little kids & on the flip side, I’m all about adults dressing up in whatever costume they like… for a COSTUME party. But for goodness sake! ADULTS- please don’t come knocking on my door late at night, in the dark, with a mask on b/c in my mind- Candy isn’t what you’re looking for! After a certain hour on Halloween, I’ll admit it, I lock my door and go into hiding! haha Call me Cinical… but I’d rather be safe than sorry. I think I’ve seen WAY too many scarey movies! And it’s exactly why I HATE them and refuse to watch them anymore. (…stepping off my soap box now)
  • Homemade Ice-Cream: Okay, so I know i’ve somehow mentioned Ice-cream in many of my letter favorites haha… what can I say? It’s my down-fall. Homemade Ice-Cream though… YUM! Seriously if you haven’t experienced it yet… please come over and allow me to make you some! And if you HAVE had it… I still think I need to make it for you (b/c any excuse to make it is a good excuse!)
  • HGTV: Favorite T.V. Station right now…

Alrighty, that’s all I’ve got for today! Heading to Orlando for the weekend… perhaps i’ll come back with some new “I” favorites other than my beloved “ice-cream” haha

Addition: House, M.D.- The Kesler’s recently got us addicted to this show, and we are obsessed! We now have our DVR set to record every episode that comes on- re-runs and all! Yes, it’s that good. Check it out. Re-run marathon every Sunday night on USA- Be prepared to get addicted!

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