Thursday, October 9, 2008

"K" Favorites

  • Kristina: I really like my given name. Not many people call me by it because I’ve grown up by “Tina” (and I wouldn’t expect people to start calling me Kristina… it’d be weird). But none the less- I really like my full name and I like that it’s not spelled the “traditional” way. “K” is a good letter 🙂
  • Kitchen: my kitchen is probably my favorite room in my house! I just love it- and I make use of it every day!
  • Kitchen-Aid Mixer: while on the topic of my kitchen… I LOVE my kitchen-aid mixer. I got it as a wedding present from my highschool English teacher & I love it! My mom had one growing up and I fell in love with it- now i have one of my own! 🙂
  • Ketchup: one of my favorite condiments. Gotta have me some ketchup!

That’s all for now kids!

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