Friday, October 24, 2008

"P" Favorites

  • Playing Pool: We put a pool table in our Bonus room & have had so much fun playing it!!!!!

  • Photoshop: I’m just a beginner, but loving learning everything I can!
  • Photography: Again, I’m just a beginner, but trying to absorb everything i can. I LOVE photography, and I’d love to one day get paid to do it… so for now- practice practice practice! 🙂
  • Plays: I love theatre… and Musicals… I was in Drama from Elementary school on up to my senior year and LOVED IT! Gotta love a good Play!
  • Pizza: I just made some homemade pizza the other night- YUM! I love it. I think i may make it a weekly tradition to make some homemade pizza. My Aunt used to do that.
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