Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I’m Back…

Stole this off of Sarah’s Blog 🙂

I AM… stressed out!
I WANT… to take a day off & spend it Cleaning, organizing, and getting all my Christmas shopping done!
I HAVE… SO many things to get done before Christmas… it gives me agita (Christmas Eve is 2 weeks from today. YIKES!)
I KEEP… all of the e-mails Mike & I wrote to eachother (when we first met) in a notebook- I’ve been reading them to Mike at night and cracking up at how corny we were!!! haha But I love it!
I WISH I COULD… blink my eyes and having everything on my to do list checked off!!!
I HATE… talking on the phone! I would so much rather sit and talk in person. I HATE the phone though, and am terrible about calling people back!
I FEAR… for the future of our Country
I HEAR… Christmas music playing from my computer at work 🙂
I DON’T THINK… our stocking will arrive in time for Christmas… Dang Target and their Back-Orders!!!!!
I REGRET… that I don’t always make time for my quiet time- I need to be better about it
I LOVE… my husband with all of my heart
I AM NOT… athletic at ALL, and wish I was
I DANCE… all crazy until Bishop starts barking at me haha I think he’s probably trying to tell me I look ridiculous!
I SING… all the time… car, shower, while I’m cleaning- yep, i’m THAT girl.
I NEVER… go to sleep without putting chap stick on.
I RARELY… turn down anything Chocolate… man that cake at B-Study Was gooood… mmm
I CRY WHEN I WATCH… people recite their wedding vows.
I HATE THAT… I suck at Running- I wish I enjoyed it more, and was better at it!
I NEED… a vacation with JUST Mike- where we can relax and not have an agenda/schedule/ or a million things we need to do with family.
I SHOULD… watch House on DVR and get all my laundry done tonight- yep, I think I will!

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    Sarah :) — December 10, 2008 @ 5:08 pm’re so cute! i like your meal plan. i do the same thing w/planning the week..i post it on my fridge 🙂 it’s fun being all domestic, huh?

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