Monday, July 20, 2009

The Blues…

Well, as you can see by the pitiful look on Bishop’s face… we had an interesting night tonight…

So Mike got home from work and went outside to throw the ball with Bishop, as he does every single day. It is literally Bishop’s favorite part of the day… and he knows when it’s coming.
As soon as i walk through the door he grabs his ball and lays down facing the doorway, knowing that Mike is only minutes behind me.
The second the door opens, Bishop FLIES down the stairs with his entire butt shaking (since he has a nub for a tail). Anyhow, Mike took him out in his usual routine, however since the grass was wet, he decided to throw the ball on the tennis court with Bishop. He’d done this before, and it worked just fine.
Well, after Bishop ran his little heart out, he and Mike came back upstairs. Bishop was panting and hobbling around and all of the sudden my eyes focused and when I looked around and saw

blood… everywhere. All over the tile… all over the carpet. Bishop was trying to walk on his
little claws to avoid the bottom of his feet pads to touch the ground. He kept falling on the tile, hitting his face on the ground. It absolutely broke my heart. Mike started to freak out a little
bit, and I did too but i made sure I didn’t let Mike see that. Well, after a phone call to the vet, he advised we take him to the doggie ER, because what happened to him was very painful and they would need to give him pain medicine, clean the wounds out & wrap them up.
Well, $300 (UGH- what a rip-off) later… our little boy is back at home… panting all crazy from the meds. He’s pretty drugged out right now, and knowing that he’s okay… it’s pretty funny to watch him now! He’s got some cute blue boxing gloves now (how appropriate) and a clear cone around his head, & he absolute HATES them both hahaI’m glad out little buddy is okay now. I have NO idea what we’re gonna do when we have kids… YIKES! haha
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    katieshobbie — July 23, 2009 @ 10:07 pm

    so pitiful! poor guy. 🙂 mike told me about the "boxing" gloves and i laughed out loud. haha

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