Saturday, November 6, 2010

Foodbuzz Fest: Getting There

Wow- where to even begin! So much has happened and I’ve hardly had time to blog about it… I’ll start with my trip out here.  Yesterday was pretty much the LONGEST day ever.My 5 am (Eastern time) wake up call came REAL fast! Off to the airport I went (special thanks to the Hubs for getting up early to take me!). Got to the airport and got checked in. First order of business…

Coffee and a Cinnamon Raisin Bagel from Starbucks.
Sidenote: I’m loving that the red cups are back! 🙂

I had a short flight from PBI to ATL and a quick layover before I got on my SUPER long (5 hr) flight out to San Francisco. A cool little thing I tried out though was the airline WiFi! I had never seen that before- it was so weird to be online while thousands of feet in the air. I LOVED it. And for a nervous flyer like myself (long story), it seriously helped occupy my mind.

I arrived in San Francisco at 1:30 pm (Pacific Time) which was almost 12 hours from when I started my day hah! I’m telling you- the time difference has thrown me off!!

I waited in like for my baggage for what seemed like an eternity…

I finally got my bags and set off on my treck to the hotel.  First I had to find the BART. Special thanks to the fabulous Diana for posting picture directions – totally saved me!!! 🙂

These are the sliding doors that connected the “Train cars” on the BART. I thought it was so weird seeing people walking through them while the train was moving.
Anyhow, after lugging my (way too heavy) bags through the airport… onto a train… to get to the BART… and then through the streets & hills of San Fransisco… i FINALLY made it to my hotel & was able to check in and get my food buzz badge & SWAG bag

Check out the SWAG in this bag… craziness! I have NO idea how i’m going to get all this stuff home. It’s insane how much free stuff i got here!!! LOVE IT.
So I got settle in and finally got the shower I had been dying for!!!
My little computer setup…
As I was pulling out my clothes to get ready for the nights festivities… a little note fell out of my bag:
The hubs is the sweetest (sorry if i’m embarrassing you hunnay!)
After my little boost of confidence from the hubs, I got ready and was off for the Street Food Fair / Meet & greet… (this outfit was compliments of the hubs…)
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    katieshobbie — November 7, 2010 @ 3:46 pm

    cutest. thing. ever.
    love all the pictures. LOVED the note from Mike (remember, though, HE is just as blessed as you are!).
    LOOOVED the outfit and the beautiful smile to go with it!

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