Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Look of My Life as a Mrs

I am SO SO SO excited to have my blog officially self hosted! Big thanks to Purr Design for designing the page and making the big switch as easy as possible! Note a few exciting things that are different:

  • I have an actual picture archive: All of my recipe’s have photo thumbnails now! On the right side of my page (scroll a little bit down), you will see a “Categories” Drop Down box. Select a recipe Category to pull up the picture archives! OR if you click the “Archives” link in the top right corner of my page, you will see a category listing of all of my recipes/posts. When you click on a specific category, it will also bring up a picture listing. This will make it so much easier to browse my recipes.  If you see something that looks tasty – you can click the link and it’ll pull up the recipe!
  • When you pull up a recipe, you can actually print JUST the recipe card! (there is a print button on each recipe!) Check it out!
  • I can now reply to reader comments in the comments section! I have felt terrible that I wasn’t able to acknowledge when people left nice comments! I can NOW! Woo Hoo!
  • You can now see my latest Twitter updates right on my homepage, and there is a direct link to take you over to my twitter site so you can “Follow me”!
  • Much Much More!

Peruse the new site and let me know what you think! I think it’s MUCH more recipe friendly which makes me excited to POST away!!! Oh and I bought a new lightbulb so i can actually photograph our dinners again! I’ve been so hesitant to post since it gets dark so early and the poor lighting in my kitchen makes crappy pictures!! And crappy pictures don’t make people want to try my recipes! hah

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