Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lebanese Night

We had a family dinner last night at my Uncle Johnny and Aunt Lynn’s house: It was Lebanese Night!!! Jealous? I would be! haha I LOVE Lebanese food.

{Ash (cousin), Mom, Mike, Me, Dan (brother), Heather (sis in-law) & Baby Kate}

Big thanks to Aunt Lynn for marrying my Uncle Johnny (our resident Lebanese man!).

{Mom and Auntie Lynn with the Za’atar bread}

Also, big thanks to Uncle Johnny for introducing us to this WONDERFUL cuisine!!

{Uncle Johnny & Ben grilling the Kefta}

We were SO lucky to have our palates developed at such a young age to love all things lebanese! If you aren’t familiar to their foods- you are missing out, people! Go google local middle-eastern restaurants in your area and get on it! Be prepared for a TREAT!

Mimi and Aunt Lynn worked their tails off to prepare this treat of a meal!! Aunt Lynn even made a table cloth to look like the flag of Lebanon… so creative! 🙂

On the Menu





Hashweh Rice



Baba Ganoush


Pita (from the Arabic Market)

Fresh Olives, Avacado, and Lettuce

Za’atar Bread

And everything was absolutely DELICIOUS!!! I am already planning on making some of these things again ASAP!!

Check out the GIANT table!! Aunt Lynn put 3 fold out tables together to make this one extremely large table! It was so fun to eat all the food family style!! Such a great idea!! 🙂

{Kenzie, Ash, and Me}

It was such a fun night with the family!!! Love you guys! 🙂

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