Happy Friday, folks. I apologize for my absence, but I’m back and this week, I’m bringing you so delicious treat.

A little background… Ever since I started Cocktail Fridays, I have tried IN VAIN to make a vodka based cocktail that Tina would swoon over. I’ve pulled out every trick in the book. Different flavored vodkas, different complimentary liqueurs, different fruit sweeteners, shaken, stirred, frozen, you name it, I tried it. If a vodka drink made it into a blog post, it at least received the Tina nod of approval which means, it’s good and the readers will like it. But never have I produced one (with vodka) that that resulted in a O.M.Gosh, this is the best EVER moment. Until I stumbled upon this guy in the store:

Yep. Magic in a bottle.

A little more background.  My wife L.O.V.E.S. marshmallows. She makes S’Mores all year long. She loves camping and cold weather because it means she can indulge on snacks and beverages topped with those simple but satisfying jet puffed sugary delights. I have even found her snacking on marshmallows-in-the-raw with the dogs (they love them too) in front of the pantry. I should have figured this out long ago; flavor vodka with marshmallow and the World is instantly a better place! 

This vodka is really good. Slightly lower in ABV and exactly flavored like a marshmallow. I’ll sip this over ice when I have a hankering for something light, sweet and stomach warming. Tina really did all the leg work is week. Her hot chocolate recipe is to die for. It is literally HOT CHOCOLATE! Ha. I’ve only ever had the powdered Swiss Miss stuff. Well, you know I don’t like making drinks with powdered mixes so this recipe was the perfect vehicle. The kids will love the virgin version and the adults will hug you (hopefully not the uncomfortable, lingering hug) over the grown up version.

This cocktail rocks. Ask, Tina for yourself. She was wearing a chocolatey smile ear to ear last night. Oh, be sure to mix one up to leave for Santa!


The hubs

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Grown Up Hot Chocolate

Yield: 4 servings

Prep Time: 5 minutes


For the Hot Chocolate:
4 cup milk (we used low fat, but whole milk will make a creamier version)
3-4 oz semi sweet bakers chocolate, chopped
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
2 tablespoons vanilla extract
marshmallows for garnish

For the Grown Up Hot Chocolate:
8 – 10 ounces prepared hot chocolate
1 - 1 ½ ounces marshmallow vodka (to taste)


In a saucepan, heat the milk, chocolate, and cocoa powder until the mixture is hot and the chocolate has melted. Remove from heat and add the vanilla extract. While chocolate is heating, place some marshmallows on a cookie sheet and broil until golden and puffy (may use mini marshmallows if desired). Serve hot chocolate with toasted marshmallows.

For the adults, mix in a the marshmallow vodka prior to garnishing with marshmallows. Enjoy!