Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Things about Me…

Erin tagged me in this on Facebook- thought i’d post it over here too since I’m over-due for an entry.

1. I’ve been seeing this thing going around and secretly hoped someone would tag me so I could join in the fun! (Thanks Erin- you’re my hero! haha)

2. My thumbs are double-jointed. I can bend them all the way backwards and forwards to touch either side of my wrist. yep- i’m a freak show!

3. I was Captain of the Cheerleading Squad in 8th grade. (I cheered for 4 years)

4. I absolutely LOVE to cook. Really I do… for some reason it’s therapeutic to me. I secretly dream about having my own cooking show. yep. it’s true. Move over Rachel Ray.

5. I was on the Crew team my sophomore year (Yes, as in Rowing)

6. Mike and I keep our thermostat on 71 when we sleep- we can’t STAND being hot when we sleep. We even sleep as far away from each other as we possibly can in our King size bed haha

7. I am currently obsessed with the show “Burn Notice”! I actually sometimes I wish I was a secret spy (this desire started when i got hooked on ALIAS back in the day- i wanted to BE Jennifer Garner… Seriously)

8. I worked at Chik-fil-A in 9th grade. Mike’s friend, Neil Hannon trained me & I didn’t even know it (i figured this out this year haha… crazy how small the world is)

9. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but we tuck our dog into bed before we go to sleep. We take him to his room, cover him up with a blankie, put his stuffed duck under his paw, tell him he’s a good dog and that we love him, and turn the light out and tell him good night. Yes- we are THAT couple. Bishop is like our son.

10. I have a notebook saved of all the e-mails Mike & I sent back and forth on Myspace when we first met. It’s HILARIOUS to go back and read how cheesy we were haha

11. I’m a neat freak. I’d say bordering on a little bit O.C.D.

12. The one chore i absolutely HATE doing is Laundry. Thank goodness I have a wonderful husband who helps me do it…

13. I’m normally really good at sharing, but when it comes to ice-cream… back off! haha Ask Mike. It’s my one weakness.

14. Photography intrigues me & so does Photoshop. I wish I knew more about them. I keep slowly teaching myself.

15. I am really competitive when it comes to playing Wii Mario Cart. I get a really bad attitude when I lose a race. (and I’m embarrassed about it)

16. I’ve chewed my nails since… well… since I learned how to chew. I wish I could stop. I’ve tried the bitter polish and everything. Anyone have any suggestions?

17. Most people know this already, but I met my Husband on an airplane (on our way to Mexico)… I hearing Mike tell the story. If you haven’t heard it yet—> go to my blog: www.kristinawiley.blogspot

.com it’s the first post i ever did. I’d love to write a book about it. Maybe I will.

18. I closed off a lot of people after my parents divorce, and because of it, I regret not being better about keeping in touch with some of my high school/college friends.

19. I absolutely LOVE snow skiing & am pretty decent at it.

20. I can’t stand Sushi. It makes me gag. I like my food cooked thank-you.

21. I love board games.

22. I am terrified of flying. My uncle was killed in a plane collision the summer before senior year, and then a few years later was the kicker. i was on a TERRIBLE plane ride home from Brazil and we hit a pocket of air and dropped over a thousand feet. the flight attendant fell to the floor and passengers were holding her down b/c we were dropping so fast. All of the lights were flashing and dinging. I literally thought I was going to die. (Chad, Linda, and JP can attest to this one!) Now i get a sick pit in my stomach any time I hit turbulence on a flight. It’s really bad- I get really clamy, sweaty, palms and I sometimes cry. Yep. I admitted it, I cry on airplanes b/c I’m terrified. Again, just ask Mike. haha Poor guy…

23. I hate watching the news. It scares me. I hate how the media spins absolutely everything. They twist everything & make it seem like the world is coming to an end. And like I said- it scares me. hah So I just don’t watch it. I’m the last person you want to ask about current events.. Sad, I know.

24. I picked my sister in-law. Yep, not many people get to do that, but i did!!! I told Dan to date Heather… a few months later they started dating. And now they’ve been married for over a year. I’m such a good little matchmaker 🙂

25. I never dated until College. My guy friends in high school always told me i was the “marrying type”- not the date right-now girl. I’ll take that as a compliment now… I love marriage and I couldn’t be happier.

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    katieshobbie — January 29, 2009 @ 10:23 pm

    i love the makeover and enjoyed reading these random things…

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