Thursday, March 25, 2010

It’s the Simple Things…

Loved this idea from the lovely Sarah 🙂 Thought I’d share the simple things that put a smile on my face… (some are the same as her’s b/c they are so true!)

1. Waking up to Fresh Brewed Coffee (my hubby is the best!)

2. Fresh Sheets right out of the Dryer
3. Planting Herbs and watching them grow
4. The wiggle in our two dogs’ booties when we walk through the door
5. The kiss my hubby plants on my forehead when he leaves for work & I’m still sleeping
6. Gerber Daisies (they are such a happy flower)
7. Trying out a recipe and finding out its actually as darn good as it looked!
8. Laughing till your sides hurt & you can hardly breathe…
9. Cooking for friends
10. Watching Bishop swim out into the ocean (on a mission) to retrieve his ball
11. The smell & sound of the beach
12. Laying out at the beach on a sunny day
13. Sneaking upstairs to find the two dogs snuggling with each other (it makes me smile)
14. Catching up with a friend that you haven’t seen in months and picking up like it was only yesterday.
15. Putting my kitchen gadgets to use!
16. Driving in you car with the windows down, music turned up, sunglasses on- just soaking in the sunshine (i love florida!)
17. Thinking about the complexity of creation/life and not being able wrap my head around how GREAT my God is.
18. Meeting new friends that you instantly feel you’ve known for a lifetime…
19. Chick Flicks with predictable happy endings (i’m such a sap)
20. Reading the back of a book first – making sure I’ll like it haha
21. Snuggling on the couch with my husband- not even needing to say anything
22. Date Nights
23. Flowers for no Reason
24. Toasted Everything Bagels with Plain Cream Cheese
25. Singing along to the radio 🙂
26. Hearing a sermon in Church and knowing that it was meant for me to hear…

27. Chips & Salsa / Chips & Queso / Chips & Guacamole (ANY of these combos)
28. The smell of a freshly aired-out house from having the windows opened all day
29. Saturdays…
30. Lastly, this is something that has me literally cracking up when I wake up…
A little background- Mike leaves for work befor I get up… So he shuts the bedroom door and leaves the dogs in the hallway until I get up. Well, for the past couple of days, Maddie (our little Cavalier), has been shoving her little paw under the door just trying her little heart out to get into the room. I took a picture with my cell phone this morning… hahah the little cotton ball is her paw 🙂
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