Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Goodbye Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts

This past weekend, Mike and I made the greatest discovery at Costco: Don Pablo Coffee.
Seriously the BEST coffee I have ever tasted. I know- a bold statement, but I mean it. They grow their own beans in South America and fresh Roast them down in Miami. I spoke with Mr. Don Pablo himself- the guy on the front of the bag (he’s American and his name is actually Darron– Pablo became his nickname from his Columbian in-laws as a joke…). He said that their bags of coffee are never sold at more than 30 days from time of roasting… and the bulk amount of product that goes out of our particular Costco, it’s generally only 12-14 days from the time they are roasted. FRESH AS CAN BE! I’m telling you- when you open up the bag… the beans are glistening from the Freshness. You can read more about the company and their coffee on their website.
Anyhow, at Costco it’s only $9.99 for a 2lb bag! (That’s the same price as the Costco brand- which is the cheapest one they sell)..Don Pablo coffee = SOOO much better. We bought the bolder blend and it is incredible. SO SMOOTH. Do yourself a favor and go buy some.
Say la vie Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts.
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    Chef Dennis — May 22, 2010 @ 5:37 am

    I know what you mean, you spend so much on coffee when you buy it at starbucks, and there coffee is not that great! I found a wonderful coffe at Wegmans, organic, shade much better and cheaper!
    Glad to have found your blog!

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