Thursday, July 8, 2010


This past Tuesday was my 24th birthday!
I was reminded of how incredibly blessed I am to have such wonderful friends and family.
Some Birthday (week) Highlights:
On Saturday, I got to go see the 3rd installement of the Twilight Series with the hubs, my sister in-law Heather, and my brother (Dan). I LOVED the books and that says a lot since I don’t like to read hah! Anyhow, I was super excited to see the movie, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The books are definitely better… but i’m not a hater- I enjoyed the films too! 🙂

Sunday: I laid out by our friend’s pool all day! He lives in a community with a resort-like pool surrounded by palm trees with a Tiki Bar & Grill where they have island music playing over the system. It’s serious. I want permanent passes haha. But seriously.
Anyhow, that night we had a 4th of July party with some of our close friends. We had a cookout and just hung out and ate until Fireworks time 🙂 It was super nice!
Monday: My office was closed- HALLELUJIA… NO WORK! Mike took me to the mall for some clothes shopping (part of the b-day gift) and then we went back to lay out by the pool. Sigh… i could live by that pool. I felt like I was in the Bahamas or something. No shoes… No Shirt… No Problem.
Tuesday: MY BIRTHDAY! I went to work where they had some ice-cream cake for me in the afternoon! YUMMY!
So then I made an unusual request and asked if Mike would go to the gym with me after work- he obliged. hah We had company in town for two weeks and had been eating out and drinking WAY too many Mike-aritas, so I was desperate to get back into the gym! I drove straight from work over to the gym where Mike was waiting for me with these:
What a good hubby 🙂 So thoughtful! The roses are even more GORGEOUS in person! It seriously brightened my day! Nothing like fresh flowers! After the gym, we went home, showered and got dressed up for my birthday dinner out. Mike took me to one of my all time favorite restaurants: Guanabanas. The atmosphere is killer! It’s SO Florida (and I love that about it). Oh, And the fish dinner… oh . my . is all i can say! I ordered the Tequila Lime Snapper with Plantains and Zuccini. Wow. Words cannot describe. YUM. You must check this place out if you haven’t already! RIDICULOUS!
Wednesday: Some fabulous ladies from my Bible study (Katie, Jenny, Sarah, Courtney , and Heather) took me out for dinner in celebration of my 24th! Those girls are so sweet. I was so touched that they thought of me. Love you ladies… Thanks again! 🙂
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