What started out as a day of chopping veggies to stock my freezer…

Turned into a full on refrigerator/freezer clean out… because let’s face it – they were out. of. control. hah

A closer look (for the curious):

Eggs, homemade Jam, lime juice, Raw Probiotics (gotta represent for the hubs!), bacon drippings, instant yeast (for baking), and other miscellaneous items…

& on the Bottom Shelf:

Cocktail mixers (peach nectar, cranberry juice…), vanilla almond milk (we normally have regular milk too, but I just ran out), OJ (NATALIE’S IS THE BOMB!), hubs’ beer, fat free half and half in the back…

And in the drawers:

Cheese up top, fruit in the middle (lemons, limes, apples, pomegranate), and Veggies down below (asparagus, brussels, spinach, mushrooms, etc…)

& Now it’s Freezer Time (the start of this whole shin-dig):

and my Veggies found their new home up top:

Other things we keep in there: Alexia Sweet Potato Fries, Raspberry Sorbet, Blue Bell Cookie Dough Ice Cream, lots of frozen fruits and nuts, meats down below (we ALWAYS have a big ol’ bag of chicken breasts on hand).

There you have it, friends… the inner workings of my refrigerator/freezer!

… and I’m officially WIPED.

Happy Saturday!