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PW Wednesdays: White Chicken Enchiladas

It’s PW Wednesday ya’ll… and this week, White Chicken Enchiladas, was MY choice!! Well, technically it was hubs’ choice, but I was happy to oblige considering I love all things Mexican! Plus I LOVE her Simple Perfect Enchiladasย so I figured this one was sure to be another winner.

Let me be real with you guys for a bit: I’m pretty sure I’ve gained a full pants size from all these PW recipes haha… I swear she’s like Paula Deen’s protege trained up in the ways of butter butter and more butter (With a heavy hand of cream mixed in for good measure!) ๐Ÿ˜‰ YIKES!

These bad boys were NO exception:

Yah, Super rich. Super heavy. I’m not gonna lie, though, they were SCRUMDEEDLEYUMTIOUS!!! Not to mention they reheat AMAZINGLY. Which is a big deal for me considering I have this weird thing about reheated chicken (it has a FUNKY taste… for. real.). This, however, was lacking the funk (WINNER!).

Changes I made: I cut back on the cream (although I definitely could have cut out more!!!) and substituted whole wheat flour tortillas. Excellent decision.

Alrighty ya’ll… that’s all I got. Scroll down for the recipe! Note: this is my last PW Wednesday, however the other girls are planning to continue on, so be sure to check in with them!

Some final thoughts that I have on Ree’s new book are this:

  1. The recipes in it are phenomenally tasty
  2. However, they are totally not on the “healthy side” hah – homegirl is NOT afraid of using some cream, butter, or oil!
  3. The book is worth buying – go get it ya’ll! Everyone needs a good Comfort Food cookbook! ๐Ÿ™‚

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White Chicken Enchiladas

Yield: 8 servings


1 green bell pepper
1 red bell pepper
1 yellow bell pepper
1 large onion, diced
1 jalapeno, seeded and diced
1 tablespoon canola oil
2 1/2 cups cooked chicken, shredded
3 cups low sodium chicken broth
1 1/2 cups heavy cream
1 teaspoon paprika
dash of salt
4 tablespoons butter
1/4 cup all purpose flour
2 1/2 cups grated Monterey Jack cheese
1 cup sour cream
16 small corn tortillas
cilantro, for serving
salsa, for serving
additional sour cream, for serving


Preheat oven to 350ยบF. Begin by roasting the bell peppers on a grill or directly under the broiler until skin is mostly black. Throw the peppers into a plastic bag, seal it, and set aside for 20-30 minutes. Remove peppers from bag, core & seed them (scraping off the black skin), and chop them up and set aside.

Heat canola oil over medium high heat in a large skillet and saute onion and jalapeno until translucent (2-3 minutes). Add shredded chicken and then stir in 1 cup of chicken broth and 1 cup of heavy cream. Add 1/2 teaspoon of paprika, a pinch of salt, and 1/2 of the chopped peppers. Stir until combined, allow to cook for a couple minutes, reduce heat and set aside until ready to use.

In a separate skillet over medium-high heat, melt the butter, and sprinkle in the flour. Whisk it together until combined and continue whisking while it cooks for 1 minute. Pour in remaining 2 cups chicken broth, stirring constantly to combine well and cook for 1-2 minutes until mixture is smooth. Pour in Remaining heavy cream, remaining paprika, and 1 1/2 cups grated cheese. Lastly, stir in the sour cream and the rest of the chopped peppers. Taste the sauce and add salt if needed. Also, if mixture is too thick, add additional chicken stock.

Warm tortillas in microwave until they are very soft. Place a small amount of chicken mixture and a pinch of cheese in the center of each tortilla, fold over the edges, and place seam side down in a greased baking pan. Pour the sauce over the top, sprinkle with remaining cheese, and bake for 20-25 minutes or until bubbly. Serve with a sprinkle of cilantro, sour cream, and salsa.

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41 Responses to “PW Wednesdays: White Chicken Enchiladas”

  1. 1

    Denise @ Creative Kitchen — May 30, 2012 @ 6:47 am

    Oh these look insanely good…..and I can see why I’d gain weight just looking at them. LOL!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Tina replied: — May 30th, 2012 @ 9:19 am

      SERIOUSLY. haha

  2. 2

    Kathryn — May 30, 2012 @ 7:40 am

    These do look delicious but so, so rich. I like to think that would stop me eating too much of them but maybe that’s just wishful thinking? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. 3

    Rachel @ Baked by Rachel — May 30, 2012 @ 8:05 am

    I looove how cheesy yours was. We’ll miss you! It’s been fun to have you in the group ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. 4

    Rachel Cooks — May 30, 2012 @ 8:12 am

    Definitely comfort food! I’d like to take a swim in there!

  5. 5

    shelly (cookies and cups) — May 30, 2012 @ 8:13 am

    These are one of my most favorite PW recipes! I lOVE them!

  6. 6

    Anne — May 30, 2012 @ 8:14 am

    I wonder if you could sub half and half for the heavy cream? You would cut back on calories and fat content.

    It looks fantastic. Can’t wait to try it.

  7. 7

    mom — May 30, 2012 @ 8:14 am

    Great pick! These look amazing T!

  8. 8

    Julie @ Table for Two — May 30, 2012 @ 8:24 am

    Yours turned out great! Super cheesy! These were a great pick since it all got us to cut down on the cream by first instinct was GREAT to have you with us & we’ll miss you but hope you still follow along!! xoxo

  9. 9

    Blog is the New black — May 30, 2012 @ 8:30 am

    These look TDF! I was already drooling when I saw them on Rachel’s blog earlier!

  10. 10

    Gina @ Running to the Kitchen — May 30, 2012 @ 8:30 am

    We’ll miss you, Tina! And yes, she is definitely the up and coming Paula Deen! I guess I didn’t realize that before this endeavor but it’s quite apparent now!

  11. 11

    Elise — May 30, 2012 @ 8:46 am

    Tina! I agree. Second-day chicken can taste funk-ay and not delish. But these look amaaaazing! I am definitely going to try these.

    • Tina replied: — May 30th, 2012 @ 9:20 am

      YES!!!! I’m not the only one!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. 12

    Julia {The Roasted Root} — May 30, 2012 @ 8:54 am

    Ohhh yes! Another great pick from you ladies. I’ve never tried an enchilada with cheese sause – definitely takes the dish to a new level!

  13. 13

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  14. 14

    Megan {Country Cleaver} — May 30, 2012 @ 9:48 am

    I’m so glad you got to pick the last recipe of this round. I’m going to miss you the next go around *sniff sniff*. But I’ll see you in two weeks and that will make up for your abandoning usโ€ฆ (I use guilt as a tactic, sorry).

    These look fabulous swimming in sauce. But agreed – we need to start a virtual walking club or something to make sure we’re burning off all this extra calories. My ass can’t take it! haha

  15. 15

    Cassie — May 30, 2012 @ 10:08 am

    These look amazing, Tina! I love, love Mexican food, and will take any excuse to make it at home. These look like my next adventure!

  16. 16

    Bev Weidner — May 30, 2012 @ 10:30 am

    Hold me.

  17. 17

    Erin @ Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts — May 30, 2012 @ 1:33 pm

    These look amazing!! Love Mexican food. I will have to try this one soon, with all the healthy modifications you guys did!

  18. 18

    nicole @ I am a Honey Bee — May 30, 2012 @ 1:47 pm

    wow that screams comfort food but that also screams crazy indulgent. yum!

  19. 19

    Katie @ Blonde Ambition — May 30, 2012 @ 2:04 pm

    Omg, these look soooo deadly. Whole wheat tortillas are totally going to be my way to rationalize eating these!! Also, like a 25 mile jog would probably work…

  20. 20

    Lane @ Supper for a Steal — May 30, 2012 @ 3:00 pm

    Oh these look so yummy! I feel like its been forever since I made Mexican food these might have to be my welcome back.

  21. 21

    LizA — May 30, 2012 @ 3:47 pm

    PW cooks for an exceptionally physically active group — not your average City Dweller. The only way anyone could eat from her table regularly is to run from Boston to NYC — and back — on a daily basis! Clearly at odds with today’s eye towards fresh, lower fat/calories/carbs, don’t you think?

    That being said — pass me a plate. I’m a gonner for anything Mexican ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. 22

    Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love. — May 30, 2012 @ 10:46 pm

    Oh dude, I totally get you on the reheated chicken thing. It’s just not okay…

    Now, these look pretty awesome! Definitely a splurge though! Hmmm, I wonder how they would turn out if it you used low fat sour cream and maybe low fat half and half instead of the cream? Might not be as thick, but I would think it would still taste good, especially if you cut the amount of the half and half.

  23. 23

    Ashley - BakerbyNature — May 30, 2012 @ 11:13 pm

    I’ve seen so many beautiful pictures of these today! I’ve just gotta taste them myself… they’re happening this weekend!

  24. 24

    White Chicken Enchiladas | Baked by Rachel — May 31, 2012 @ 10:32 pm

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  25. 25

    Nikki @Pennies on a Platter — May 31, 2012 @ 10:34 pm

    I sincerely and whole-heartedly want to make this right now, and it’s 10:31 PM (to be exact).

    And… “scrumdeedleyumtious” is totally a word in my vocab. I knew I loved you for a reason! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. 26

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  27. 27

    Katie @ Katie Without Restrictions — June 2, 2012 @ 11:28 pm

    This is one of my very favorite recipes! Last time I halved the chicken and added white kidney beans, which was delicious. I agree though, PW is not to health-minded! Great recipes though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. 28

    Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy — June 19, 2012 @ 5:11 am

    Right, that’s decided! I am having enchiladas tonight ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Tina replied: — June 19th, 2012 @ 8:51 am

      haha Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. 29

    Julia — July 6, 2012 @ 6:03 pm

    Can this be made a day in advance??

  30. 30

    Bree — August 8, 2012 @ 11:27 am

    Think I just found my inspiration for a Skinny dinner makeover! Thanks for sharing–I agree a new version of Puala Deen:)

  31. 31

    Jimaie — March 13, 2013 @ 3:06 pm

    yum yum yum! A friend shared this post with me today and these enchiladas are def going on the menu this week! ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait!
    Cream and butter are whole foods and totally healthy, everything in moderation, right? ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

  32. 32

    Jimaie — March 14, 2013 @ 2:35 am

    Made these tonight with black beans instead of chicken and they were AMAZING! It was the first time I roasted my own peppers and I gotta say I felt kinda awesome & Food Networkish up in my kitchen ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha!

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  36. 36

    Laura — June 12, 2015 @ 2:13 pm

    Hi Tina!
    Made these a couple years ago and randomly started to crave them (3 years later). Excited to make these tonight! This recipe is bomb. Hope you, hubs and the little one are doing great!!

  37. 37

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