WARNING: I’m about to get really nerdy on ya’ll today. Okay? You’ve been warned. Carry on…

1970… the year of one of the greatest inventions to date.






The CROCKPOT (aka: slow cooker).

Now, I may not have been around in the 70’s, but as a child of the 80’s… I know ALL about the Crockpot. Pretty much every housewife in America was equipped with one of these trusty one-pot-wonder cookers!

My momma included.

Let’s think about this for a minute… the 1970’s also brought about the invention of a few other things:

  • the floppy disk (eventually replaced with the CD… then the DVD… & now USB’s and such)
  • the VCR (eventually replaced with a DVD player and now Blue Ray players)
  • the pocket calculator (now replaced with an App on our iphone)
But the Crockpot, my friends, is STILL going strong 42 years later! It continues to be listed on just about every girl’s wedding registry to. this. day! Now, THAT’S some impressive longevity in today’s advancing technology!

I mean, HELLO… the thing cooks your dinner when you are out and about running errands or working! Absolute. Genius.

Embrace the Crockpot, people.

The Crockpot is your friend.

On a completely unrelated side note… So is a big glass of red wine! 😉

Okay, let’s talk Pot Roast. This recipe is one of my all time favorite Crockpot dishes! Like EVER. I’m pretty sure it’s one of those recipes that all women of the 80’s used. A classic listed in Church cookbooks across America. You know what I’m talking about…

Anyhow, I’m not sure where this originated but this is how my momma always made it and something about it brings me straight back to childhood. I. just. love. it.

Umm and hello?!!! Doesn’t Pot Roast just SCREAM Fall meal??

Hint: the answer is Yes.

So break out your Crockpot’s people… dump everything into it & forget about it (which will be impossible since the smell will have you DROOLING)!

Happy Fall!

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Yield: 6 servings

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 8 hours

Total Time: 8 hours 10 minutes


28 ounce bag of mini potatoes, rinsed and pierced with fork (I used mini-yukon golds)
1 onion, quartered
2 1/2 pound boneless chuck roast
1 packet onion soup mix
1 can cream of mushroom
1 tbs red wine vinegar
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon garlic powder
cracked black pepper

1 small bag of carrots (may substitute baby carrots)


Spray Crockpot with non-stick cooking spray. Add Potatoes and onion quarters then top with chuck roast. Add onion soup mix, cream of mushroom soup, red wine vinegar, salt, garlic powder, and black pepper. Cover and cook on low for at least 8 hours. During the last hour of cooking add the carrots, making sure they are submerged in the cooking liquid.

Place some of the meat, potatoes, carrots, and onions in a bowl and ladle broth on top. Enjoy with some warm crusty bread if desired!