Monday, November 19, 2012

Mom’s Easy Sweet Potato Casserole

Need a simple but oh so delicious sweet potato Casserole for your Thanksgiving dinner??

Look. no. further.

Before ya’ll start whining about “where are the marshmallows???” and all that jazz…

This, my friends, is how my momma has been making sweet potato casserole for YEARS. And MY mom always make things how they are supposed to be made! Kapeesh?! Kapeesh.

Let me tell you… ANYONE who’s ever tried these has RAVED about them! It’s a crowd pleaser, for sure!

Hubs described them as “Magical”.


This stuff is so daggum good that it could totally pass for dessert. The coconut & pecans topping – OH.MAN.

Let’s go ahead and ignore the calorie count on this one… it’s not exactly the healthiest of all dishes (#understatementoftheyear) lol

Hey, if there is EVER a time to splurge, it’s on THANKSGIVING!

Am I right?

I’m SO right.

Happy Turkey Day everyone… don’t forget to take a moment and reflect on the things you are thankful for!!!

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Easy Sweet Potato Casserole

Yield: 8 servings

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 30-45 minutes

Total Time: 40-55 minutes

A simple and delicious sweet potato casserole, sure to please the entire crowd!


For the Sweet Potatoes:
1 (40 oz) can Bruce's Yams in syrup, drained (may substitute 3 cups baked sweet potatoes, peeled & chopped)
1 cup sugar
1 stick butter
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
2 eggs

For the Topping:
1/3 cup melted butter
1/3 cup flour
1/3 cup sweetened coconut
1 cup chopped pecans


For the Sweet Potatoes:
Preheat oven to 350ยบF. Spray an oven-safe baking dish with non-stick cooking spray. Add all ingredients to a mixer fitted with the whisk attachment and beat until well combined (& no more lumps). Note: may also use a bowl with a handheld mixer. Spread into prepared baking dish and set aside.

For the Topping:
Add ingredients (butter, flour, coconut, and pecans) to a bowl and mix together with a fork into a crumbly "cobbler topping" like mixture. Clump on top of sweet potato casserole using your fingers.

Bake at 350ยบ for 30-45 minutes (if you use a shallow 9x13 casserole dish, it will probably only take 25-30 minutes. If you use a smaller/deeper dish it will take the full 45 minutes). Serve Hot!

Source: My mom

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9 Responses to “Mom’s Easy Sweet Potato Casserole”

  1. 1

    Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love. — November 19, 2012 @ 11:31 pm

    This looks so dreamy! My mom and I love sweet potatoes, but were the only ones who would ever touch them so we stopped making them a few years ago. I might not be able to go another year without them!

  2. 2

    Jessica — November 20, 2012 @ 12:30 am

    But..but…where’s the marshmallow?? YES. I am THAT person.

    In spite of my marshmallow obsession, I do love the added coconut flavor. It sounds so different and fun!

  3. 3

    Mom — November 20, 2012 @ 7:10 am

    Looks Yummy! Thanks for the shout out! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. 4

    Jennifer @ Peanut Butter and Peppers — November 20, 2012 @ 8:52 am

    Looks delicious!!! I love the topping with coconut and pecans, yum! Better then marshmallow topping!!

  5. 5

    Desiree — November 20, 2012 @ 10:25 am

    I love it when I look on your site and you’re showing exactly what I’m searching for! You da best!

  6. 6

    Linda — November 20, 2012 @ 11:29 am

    Thanks so much for this recipe. I have been looking for a good recipe using canned sweet potatoes. This will be on our Thanksgiving table this year!

  7. 7

    Katie @ Blonde Ambition — November 20, 2012 @ 1:13 pm

    I’ve never seen sweet potato casserole like this!

    The stuff with the marshmallows was always icky to me, so the pecan and coconut topping sounds AMAZING!

  8. 8

    Desiree — November 22, 2012 @ 11:33 am

    Just made this for dinner tonight ~ I’ll let you know how it turns out ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the new recipe! (definitely made my normal caramel marshmallow one, too, so I don’t tick off the siblings, lol).

  9. 9

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