about me

Hi there! Welcome to My Life as a Mrs… so glad you stopped by!

My name is Tina and I am the MRS behind the blog!

A little bit about me and my family: I met my husband, Mike, on an airplane to Mexico… yes you heard that right. ON AN AIRPLANE. He proposed to me in a real live Castle & we were married in March of 2008. We have an incredibly blessed marriage and now have two beautiful children.

I always wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember. However, I never dreamed it would be such a struggle to become one. We went through more than 3 years of painful infertility struggles including a devastating miscarriage, a plethora of blood tests and out patient procedures, a surgery to remove endometriosis scarring, 1 FAILED round of IVF, a whole lot of financial investment, and then finally a 2nd round of IVF that we presumed didn’t work. God BLEW. OUR. MINDS. when we found out I was pregnant and 9 months later, we welcomed our little miracle baby girl into this worldShe has been SUCH a joy and our daily reminder of God’s faithfulness (& perfect timing)!

Almost 3 years later we welcomed our (unexpected) surprise blessing, a little boy! Grateful doesn’t even begin to explain it.

We live in sunny Southeast Florida in a small beach town that we absolutely adore.

about the blog

I believe that nothing can bring people together quite like sharing a delicious home cooked meal around the dinner table! Food is more than just sustenance… it is family. friendship. sharing. community. loving. joy. sorrow. a first date. a last meal. a celebration. a pick me up. a common bond. It can be so many things. So let’s just agree to make it DELICIOUS!

The majority of my recipes are: No frills, No fuss, No crazy ingredients, Every day, Family-Friendly… JUST GOOD FOOD! I also share some of the husband’s epic cocktail  recipes for the entertainers at heart (trust me you WON’T be disappointed!)

This blog was initially started to document my life as a married woman & catalogue my ever growing repertoire of recipes but it’s turned into SO much more than that! I share from my heart… that includes my most prized recipes, my deepest struggles, my joys, my triumphs and my FAMILY.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a look around and see what’s going on in My Life as a Mrs!

For Media Inquiries, Email Me: kristina@mylifeasamrs.com